How I became debt free

I didn’t just wake up and found a huge debt I have to pay, they gradually accumulated, I was spending more than I earned. My expenses were not about buying Gucci, Addidas, Nike or Versace. I was spending to keep my son with me.

I got divorced, my wife went with our 3 kids – 2 girls and a boy. After a year, my son decided to come live with me, I couldn’t say no, he is my son. I needed to get my house more furniture, and appliances to make my son feel at home.

It wasn’t easy preparing for my son return, I want to make him happy and comfortable. I tried looking for a way to make my income suffice for both of us. All my drafted plans were fruitless, my present income was hardly sufficient for my expenses alone. Due to this, I had to owe the credit card company. I started using my credit card to buy the required things I need to make son feel at home, as fast as I brought my credit card debt increased same way.

After few months, I had brought all I need, my son was happy with it all especially his new play station 4. But the debt didn’t stop accumulating because my income wasn’t enough to pay for our expenses.

At this point things were getting hard, I started looking for a way out. I surfed the internet, there I found out that credit card companies have a relief program that helps get your credit card debt under control. I read all about it because I was eager, I found a possible solution. I picked a payment scheme offered by the company. Now, my debts are controlled, and I enjoy financial freedom with my son.